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Our AI identifies the damage type and location and gives you an estimate of the charges you are likely to face.

Compare Repair Versus Return Costs

If it's cheaper to repair than pay the penalty charges, we offer a nationwide network of repairers to deliver FULLY GUARANTEED repairs before you return the vehicle.

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You can scan the vehicle, compare options and organise repair all from your mobile phone in just a few minutes! No more concern or confusion.

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Why Use Wondle?

Because Wondle saves you time, money and worry. When returning a lease vehicle you need to know three things.

  • Is it included as fair wear and Tear?
  • If not, how much could the penalty charges be?
  • Is it cheaper to repair before I return?

Don't waste weekends on internet searches, reading complicated damage guides or travelling to workshops to try and work this out! Let Wondle tell you in less than 5 mins!


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